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How to install the SIS1100 driver

Installing the SIS1100 PCI card driver is very easy. First you need to install the PCI card in your computer. To complete this task successfully please follow the instructions given by the manufactur of the SIS1100 PCI card. The second step is to install the driver.

Mount the disk image called "SIS1100 Driver.dmg". On this disk image you should find something similar to figure 1.

Figure 1: Content of the disk image

Now double click the SISDriver.pkg and follow the instructions of the installer. Note, that you need an administrator account in order to install the driver properly.

The header files provided on this disk image can be used to write own applications taking advantage of the driver. You will need to include them in your own project.

In the "LabView" directory some LabView VIs are provided that use the drivers functionality, but feel free to write and use your own VIs.